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Healthcare is on the brink of enormous change. What has worked in the past isn't working anymore, as data and workflows become increasingly pressured, siloed, uncoordinated, and spread beyond just four walls — causing lives, dollars, and efficiency to fall through the cracks. In the age of data, there is no reason this should be the norm. We have seen this first-hand, having spent the majority of our professional careers managing the Medicaid population and technical requirements in one of the most challenging states in the nation: New Mexico. We seek to change this narrative and use data and technology to make things easier, whether you’re working in the system, being served by it, or both. When combined with our multi-disciplinary team, we complement your business knowledge and company's expertise to deliver remarkable value, outcomes, and project results.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (a growing startup hub for innovation and tech), we have developed proven population opportunity identification frameworks and successfully implemented change in one of the most challenging healthcare landscapes in the nation.

We have deep roots in payer operations and payer data, independent practices, and facility operations. We marry this together to bridge the gap between payers and providers.

  Angelica Bruhnke, MS   Executive Officer

Angelica Bruhnke, MS
Executive Officer

Ms. Bruhnke is passionate about serving the underserved and measuring the impact of programs. She uses her expertise to guide our clients to programs built on evidence-based outcomes. She brings 10 years in the Financial Data and Healthcare Analytics sectors. Formerly, she held various Senior positions with large healthcare and consulting organizations where she led program oversight, litigation support, and data analytics and received numerous awards and recognition for her advocacy in the community and outcomes-based approach.

  Stefany Goradia, MSIE   Informatics Officer

Stefany Goradia, MSIE
Informatics Officer

Ms. Goradia is an outspoken detail-thinker who blends a background in Statistics, Economics, and Industrial Engineering. She helps our clients to achieve cost reductions and quality improvements by combining the use of analytics and process improvement across clinical, financial, and operational functional areas. She has extensive experience working with healthcare technologies as a key stakeholder and data champion, with a track record of implementing large-scale analytics strategies to drive change and meet complex requirements.

  Thomas Pascuzzi, MD   Medical Officer

Thomas Pascuzzi, MD
Medical Officer

Dr. Tom Pascuzzi is an energetic and experienced leader and entrepreneur. He is a practicing physician with over 25 years of service to the healthcare community. He is highly regarded for leveraging technology to improve physician practice performance, particularly in defining and developing operational and cost-cutting strategies. He has worked in various systems including the Veterans Administration, integrated hospital systems, as well as several independent practices and clinics, which he owned or ran. He is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

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Healthcare Program Managers
SQL programmers
Project Managers
Data Scientists
Lean/Six Sigma and process engineers


Uniting best-practice experience with your team's expertise, we bring the right resources at the right time to inspire innovation and achieve better results. We support premium collaboration by recruiting top talent partners with niche expertise and robust healthcare experience. 

We achieve faster, better outcomes by blending our team's unique experience and agility with your team's invaluable organizational knowledge and expertise.

With your best interest in mind at all times, you can rely on us to be discerning, thorough, and creative.

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