Does your Analytics Department need temporary added support to stand up some foundational structures?


Do you have things that need to be documented, transitioned to a new system, archived, or standardized, and no time to do it?

Whether your Team is a well-oiled machine and simply has some hefty new reports that require more resources to define and develop, needs some additional hands to stand up Datamarts, standard reporting, or self-servicing Analytics, or is brand new and needs assistance getting off the ground, our Principals have come through the ranks and understand the struggles that you face everyday.

We can come in at any stage and help alleviate your Team's burden.

At Versatile, we recognize the industry-wide shortage of advanced Analytic Talent that you can trust to understand the data, the Healthcare Industry, and the business.Anything you would hire a new Analyst or Report developer for, we can help with - including Department Strategy. Available on a project-basis or for recurring support, our Areas of Expertise touch all of the areas that every Healthcare Analytics Team faces today.

Too many requests to be done with limited analytic resources? How can we assist?