Reporting, analytics, dashboarding: always more complex than it seems.

Just ask anyone in your reporting department! The key to a strong reporting and analytics strategy is not just solid technical specs and discrete formula definitions. The key to a strong reporting and analytics strategy requires engagement from many disparate areas and knowing what questions need to be asked of the data.

Too often, long-term adoption fails and your team ends up where they started: an influx of one-offs that could be answered by your reporting and dashboard suite.

The top complaints we hear:

  • It doesn't answer the questions needing to be answered

  • It is not intuitive for the target audience

  • The underlying data is inaccurate or inconsistent

  • It doesn't have enough drill-down (or is too high-level)

  • It has too much data that I don't know where to look

  • I don't know how to interpret the data

  • I don't have time to dig through this to find answers

From concept to implementation to training end-users, we fit into your end-to-end reporting and analytic strategy, or any step in between.

As data nerds, we here at Versatile love to create beautiful dashboards and self-servicing reports that enable data-driven decision making and have tangible impact on our partners' organizations.

But it can be tough. Studies show that the design of your data viz can strongly influence adoption & success. Being in healthcare adds another layer of complexity - in this arena, data is not just data. Healthcare data is incredibly complex, where the moving parts of the Business and Industry are just as important to understand as the data itself – and they even vary by organization. The manner in which data is presented to Clinicians and Decision-Makers can make or break success. The amount of detail and drill-down to include is a science of its own.

No matter what tools you use, how sophisticated your systems are, or what stage in the reporting lifecycle you're at, we can jump in to help.

And yes, we do this for Regulatory reporting!

  • Developing an Analytic Strategy and need the underlying datasets / datamarts developed? We can write specs for extracts, conceptualize datasets/datamarts, and even lend a hand developing & standing these Datamarts up for consumption, ETL work, and automation.

  • Need legacy solutions augmented, modified, or modernized? We can work in your native Toolbox to develop, modify, automate, and maintain solutions on your own systems – or we can bring our own.

  • Have good data and need someone to help design the Dashboards to sit on top of it? We can bring your stakeholders together and implement a custom analytics package based on use-cases, strategic organizational goals, and the data available. With your SME input, we'll even map all the specs out for you so you can spend a fraction of the time you would have on your own.

  • Have an idea of what you want but not exactly sure how to translate it to action? As Healthcare Analytic SMEs, we can consult on best-practice, facilitate development & design, gather input from Key Stakeholders, develop a strategy, and even provide some templates to use as a starting point. We will even extensively train staff on how to use these tools in their workflow after roll-out.

Interested in what we can do to step up your Analytics game? Send us a note!