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As more providers take on risk – or even run their own health plans – never before has understanding patient populations been so integral to improved outcomes and reimbursement maximization. Whether that is identifying missed services before time of appointment or ensuring that you are paid appropriately for your performance, the Versatile tiger team will find the answers.

As more payers / employer groups / government and contract administrators try to identify new opportunities to make a real impact in a real way, never before has studying population trends through the lens of Big Data been more tantamount to quality care and sustained success.

This struggle is evidenced by big-name solutions flooding the market, but it comes with pitfalls: these systems all have different methodologies (or need extensive assistance to define), can be very costly, and often leave you to make sense of it after the engagement – or it costs you. A lot.

This is typically the point where you start frantically searching for a few more Full-Time Analysts (ideally with extensive Healthcare Industry/Tech/Business experience) who can use the tool to continue answering questions such as:

Who is impactable? How do we "get through" to them?

Where are the opportunities? What do we do now?

These are the riddles we help partners like yourself solve every single day.

Already have a Solution implemented? No matter how you define Population Health, or what products you may have already implemented, we can jump in to these tools to extract insights that are meaningful to you and the unique populations that you serve when you need them so you can identify meaningful strategy now.

Standing up something like this? We also serve as consulting "Best Practice" analytic SMEs to other consulting firms (or the clients who hired them) that are implementing these solutions and need experienced healthcare analytic resources to recommend/gather/direct requirements & functional design elements. Check out our implementation services.

No plans to purchase an out-of-the-box Solution? We can design and develop new dashboards or reports for your needs, with your data - no more expensive solutions needed. 


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We believe the best insights come from collaboration and that analytics should be accessible to everyone.

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