An actionable KPI tool doesn't have to be grandiose or unmanageable, but it does need to be more than Red, Yellow, and Green "dots."

Though Gartner suggests that up to 50% of large U.S. firms are using the Balanced Scorecard to monitor and track performance, not every organization has a tool designed just for this purpose.

The key to a successful Balanced Scorecard adoption is cascading your Organizational Strategy from the top down, identifying Key Indicators and how to measure them, and incorporating specific Targeted Initiatives to meet these Goals. At every level, your resources must be aligned, accountable, and invested. Too often, functional departments define "goals" that are unmeasurable, abstract, and not aligned with Organizational Strategic Initiatives.

This is where the KPI Scorecard comes in.

Whether it is assisting your functional departments in defining their Measures, developing automated ways to intake / input / display these measures, implementing measurable Targeted Initiatives, or even building a cost-effective and custom KPI dashboard with associated infrastructure, we can help.

How do you define Success? Is it measurable?