Whether your organization has a Continuous Improvement culture or has otherwise identified areas of opportunity to target, you will need data.

It will need to be rapid, it will need to be reliable, and it will need to be actionable.

Don't wait until you're mid-project to implement a sustainable analytics strategy for your key initiatives.

Our Principals all have extensive experience supporting large-visibility initiatives tied to millions of dollars. We know what you need to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control - and we also know that it goes far beyond simple reporting.

Don't have Process Improvement practitioners on your team to help drive initiatives? We do.

No matter what stage of the lifecycle you are in,
consistent and reliable data is tantamount to success.

Root Cause: This can often be searching for a needle in a haystack. If your reporting & Analytics departments are the norm, there is limited time for discovery analysis and rapid-rework of data specs to "find" the needle. Yet this is arguably the most critical step in the process because anecdotal evidence can be very misleading. What people "say" is happening is often not reflected in the actuality of the data. Identifying the appropriate Root Causes (and modeling their impactability) is the first step to success.

Baselines & Measurements: Initiatives are only as good as the data that comprise their baselines and feeds their action plans. If you cannot properly identify your problem, hone-in on the areas for improvement, measure how you're doing, and quantify your impact, success will be elusive. If your audience does not believe your data or it is not solid enough to identify process errors, the initiative will lose credibility among those who are expected to enforce it.

Analytic Design & Monitoring: The most successful initiatives are driven by solid, trustworthy data. This data flows regularly, identifies progress toward your goals, is robust enough to rapidly course-correct the minute your process goes of control, and paints a clear picture of the impact/ROI you have made. If you do not have a reliable 360° Feedback Loop to monitor your progress and provide actionable information & timely course-corrections, success will be unlikely.

Looking to implement a KPI / Balanced Scorecard system to help? We do that too.

Need help identifying targeted initiatives? We can help.

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