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About our Company


Our mission is to improve visibility, trust, and collaboration through the sharing of information and ideas.

In everything we do, our mission is to unite people, break down silos, and make the lives of anyone touched by the healthcare system better. We use data to make lives better, whether you're working in the system, being served by it, or both.

We have more data at our fingertips than ever before and yet our mothers, sisters, and friends continue to fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. Despite novel new technologies, healthcare is so fragmented that change is a monumental battle, and access to care outside of metro areas is shrinking. We started Versatile so that we can use data to impact those who are greatly affected by the healthcare system, which disproportionately affects vulnerable patients and strains providers facing increasing regulatory and reimbursement pressures.

Our firm is founded on our personal core values:

Versatility (of course)
Commitment to excellence
Fostering collaboration & breaking silos
Giving back to community

We are deeply data-driven in all of our approaches. We pride ourselves on being different from the "typical" and strive to be trusted and supportive partners for our clients, who rely on us as advisors they can trust to deeply understand not only their data, but their business and how it fits into the industry as a whole.

Through the use of meaningful data, we seek to bring our expertise to those who need it, expand the collaboration conversation beyond just payers and providers and to make tangible impact in how the system works in a new era of data- and technology-driven healthcare.

Our model is highly collaborative and we work closely your internal teams, other healthcare consultants, tech vendors, community services, providers and payers, and non-profits with too much health data on their hands and not enough answers.

We believe in long-term partnerships and that success comes with dedication, diligence, and striving for excellence while staying sensitive to the unique needs of your organization. This level of attention is how we live our lives, and it is what we will bring to you and your team at every step.

We started Versatile to make a difference for those who are impacted by the pressures and disparities of the healthcare system. Analytics is our passion and we want to make it affordable, accessible, reliable, and actionable for all, no matter your organization's size, budget, or challenges. To further this mission among those serving their communities on a shoestring, we regularly offer select healthcare and social service organizations deeply discounted data analytic support for their programs or special initiatives.

To inquire about our Giving Back effort, send us a note!


We work with your existing team, tools, and platforms to find answers.

We know one size does not fit all.

We send resources to make change happen.