Knowing where to begin and finding expert resources just got easier.

Gain visibility into your performance trends, model your decisions before you make them, and get on-going data that you can trust.



As population health and value-based care demand more collaborative, proactive, and new uses of data, healthcare still relies on intuition to design programs and painstakingly build internal analytics from scratch. With all of the experienced resources and best practice tools available, you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.


Maximize the business intelligence drawn from your existing tools with data translators and experienced analytic resources available to jump right in when you need it the most. We help your teams pull meaningful analysis and reporting, launch integrated and interactive data solutions, and support data-driven healthcare programs where finance, clinical quality, operations, and payer/provider silos intersect.


Your teams can focus less on requesting reports and sifting through data, and focus more on leading strategic initiatives that actually make a difference.

Exceed your targets and be a leader among peers.

We help you gain visibility into your data — from a whole-system perspective.


Find New Areas to


Opportunity Assessments & Exploratory Analysis

Identify where big opportunity exists and insights are hidden; we dig through your disparate data with forensic and comparative analysis to find dollars left on the table, benchmark your performance, and pinpoint root causes.


Experienced Resources On-call


Niche expertise with payer, provider & pop health data

When you have plenty of tools, but need expertise: we deploy senior analytic consultants and data translators on special projects; we are your on-demand business intelligence team with strong technical + healthcare roots.


Super-charge your
Existing Data


Analytics you need for the data you already have

When you need data pulled or validated and analytics built, we can quickly launch analyses, dashboards, and automated reports on you existing Tableau and other BI tools, without starting from scratch.


Bring Order & Processes to Chaos



For strategic initiatives, process improvements, and projects that need governance and support, we help you develop baselines, KPI scorecards, and measurable targets to drive successful programs with aVM Health.*


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More than “just” data — healthcare intelligence.

We help payers, providers, and vendors work together seamlessly with access to experienced analytic resources and tools. We specialize in Medicaid, value-based care, population health, performance improvement analytics and improvement support. We are highly collaborative, forward-thinking, and passionate about what we do — and we’d love to support your journey, too.

With data at the center of your decision making, you can take on anything.

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