Become data-driven, understand your performance trends, and find dramatic improvements with ready-to-go analytics, expert decision support, and strategic programs.

With data at the center of your decision making, you can take on anything.


Value-based Care.

Population health.

Performance Improvements.

Exclusively tailored for agencies, plans, providers, and health systems.

Healthcare still largely relies on guesswork and intuition to design improvement programs and to painstakingly build analytics from scratch. But with all of the data and best practice tools available now, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our tools quickly interpret what your data says and what your biggest opportunities really are — from an integrated perspective — then we help you put it into action with tested tools to monitor your progress every step of the way. Data-driven insights and executive support, ready-to-go, providing the intelligence you need to have a pulse on what’s happening and empowering you to lead strategically by data, making the most of your existing technology and analytics investments.

The result: Your teams focus less on requesting reports and sifting through data, and focus more on leading strategic initiatives that actually make a difference.

Exceed your targets, develop impactful programs, and be a leader among your peers.

We can help you get there.

Find New Areas to Improve

Quickly find dollars being left on the table, understand what’s driving variance and benchmark your performance for new ideas.


Infuse Hard-to-Find Expertise

“Anytime” executive+clinical advisory and infusion of expert decision support resources for far less than the cost of new FTEs.


Supercharge your in-house data

We have a robust catalog, ready-to-go, saving you time-to-build and making value-based care, ops,
and pop health so much easier.


Bring Order to

Develop strategic goals, measurable targets, and develop and action plans for improvement programs with aVM Health.*


More than “just” data — healthcare intelligence.

Our niche is deep expertise blending payer and provider perspectives (and data) to create holistic data views and measurable, frictionless programs. We specialize in Medicaid, value-based care, population health, and performance improvement analytics and improvement support. Our company was founded because our clients have multiple data systems, disparate analytic platforms, and overburdened analyst teams — yet leadership and policy-makers still lack the answers they need to make confident decisions and programs still lack the data they need to be successful. Our clients look to us to seamlessly integrate data and clinical best practice with deep payer, provider, and delivery operations expertise. We can support your team with at-the-elbow resources to seize opportunities specific to your unique strengths and challenges.

We believe in accessible, meaningful analytics for all of healthcare, leveraging tools and techniques that are tested without reinventing the wheel and collaborating to share best analytic practices. We help organizations zero in on what’s working and what isn’t. Through on-demand analytics and dedicated team support, we give agencies, health plans, health providers and health systems an integrated view of their data to understand all that’s happening and capitalize on opportunities to improve as the cost of healthcare sky-rockets and reimbursement changes by the day.

We have developed proven opportunity identification frameworks and program initiatives for health plans/employer groups, providers, and hospitals. We have successfully orchestrated change in one of the most challenging and siloed healthcare landscapes in the nation. We are highly collaborative, forward-thinking, and passionate about what we do — and we’d love to support your journey, too.

Becoming data-driven is a journey.
How can we kick-start yours?
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* Versatile MED Analytics has teamed to form aVM Health, a joint venture with Arete Advisors management consultants. Together, we provide end-to-end and integrated strategy design, premium value healthcare management consulting, and Lean/Six Sigma process transformation — all heavily powered by expert data and analytics.

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